Paradigm, Inc.

About Us

The Mission Statement of Paradigm, Inc. is simply this:
Provide our clients and their learners with an unequaled experience of excellence.

Paradigm, Inc. is a full-service credential provider, both paper and digital, that is the #1 chosen solution within higher education. With an unmatched level of service, paper diplomas and certificates of peerless quality, and the most globally accepted digital diploma, Paradigm is proud to service nearly 1,000 institutions.

Paradigm consistently provides leading edge solutions and are proud to offer the most advanced digital credentials in today’s market — the CeDiploma and CeCertificate. Secure and shareable, they are the ONLY credentials with a patented validation issued by the institution, and thus provides absolute proof of education.

As we endeavor to meet the dynamic needs of higher education, it is especially rewarding to make an unimaginable impact in the lives of students throughout the world… We look forward to speaking with you.

Paradigm CEO Christopher Jackson

Christopher Jackson  |  CEO

Advisory Board

Joseph H. Santivasci

Assistant Vice President,
Enrollment Management
West Chester University
of Pennsylvania

Luisa Havens

Vice Provost for
Enrollment Management
Virginia Tech University

Rodney Parks

University Registrar
Elon University

Matt Bemis

Associate Registrar
University of Southern California

Emily Shandley

University Registrar
Princeton University

Robert F. Fitzgerald

University Registrar
Brown University

John R. Papinchak

University Registrar
Carnegie Mellon University

Kimberly A. Barber, Ph.D.

University Registrar
Florida State University

Digital Standards, Alliances and Partners

Paradigm offers its clients the most trusted digital and paper credential platform in the world. As the first company in the U.S. to bring digital diplomas to Higher Education, and as the inventor of the ScholarRecord® (CLR), Paradigm has continued its unique position as the market leader.

As we continue our journey, we are proud to partner with those who share our vision and perspective, including: